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Escape to the Mediterranean


Greeks share experiences, celebrate joys, sweeten sorrows, and assuage struggles, by eating and drinking in the company of family and friends. At Athos, our goal is for you to experience "Philoxonia" - Greek Hospitality.


Greek cuisine is extremely diverse in its ingredients, seasonings and flavors - with a mixture of Turkish, Balkan, and Venetian influences. At Athos, we have created a menu featuring a variety of classic Greek dishes with a modern twist.

Athos Restaurant

Since the eleventh and twelfth centuries,

the monasteries of Mount Athos continue to uphold a tradition of hospitality for those who seek refuge,

solace, and relief from the troubles of daily life.

Every visitor is cordially welcomed with food, a glass of raki (home-made ouzo), and a cup of Greek coffee.

The exposure to Greek Food and culture,

however foreign, instantly becomes familiar when the warmth shown by the Athos family combines with the Flavors of the Mediterranean...

It is this experience that will most certainly

have you coming back for more!

Athos was originally opened in 2008 by George Danes, Sophia Socaris, Harry Hatziparaskevas, and Stratton Sokaris, by offering an unparalleled combination of service & Greek Mediterranean cuisine with their very own place of refuge...Athos Restaurant.

In 2022 Fred and Ali Altay purchased Athos  and are eager to continue its great reputation. The brothers have over twenty years in the hospitality industry and welcome all to visit as they introduce new hours of operations and menus.


Athos Restaurant thanks you for your support during our transition. 

"All roads lead to Athos..."

~ George Danes

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ALBANY, NY 12203

Athos Opens Daily at 11am

Sunday Through Thursday


11am - 10pm


Friday & Saturday


11am - 11pm

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